Facial Cosmetic

Full Face Laser Surgery

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  Laser face procedures are excellent result oriented procedures  for acne scars, aging face, pigmentation, wart-mole  removal,freckles removal. Skin whitening with lasers is a   promising area. There is no match for facial rejuvenation done   by full face laser resurfacing. Wrinkles and blemishes because   of age can be improved drastically. Carbon dioxide, q-switched   nd:yag or other lasers may be used.

Rhinoplasty Services

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  Nose is the most central feature on the face. No wonder, our   nose means a lot to all of us and everyone who sees us.
 Rhinoplasty, a most demanding Surgery, ims to Hormonise   the Nose to the Face.
  Dr. SUJAI JOSHI has trained Extensively in Europe & South   East Asia to master this surgery and it's intrilecies and has   been providing satisfying and consistently good results for the last 15 years and more.
Combined with septoplasty for nasel blockage, this is a surgery that gives both Functional and Cosmetic Results in his hands.
Reconstructive Nose Surgery Cosmetic Surgery of nose   (Rhinoplasty), is a very demanding surgery, though generally   with great results. Even minor cosmetic nose problems, may   have a great significance to the patient. Small noses, large   ones, deviated noses can improve. Scars over nose may be   addressed. Bulky, bifid tip and shallow dorsum can improve   remarkably. Nasal loss by injury, cancer, infection may be reconstructed. Rhinoplasty for African noses with implant offers great patient satisfaction. May be conducted under local anesthesia without need for admission.

Under Eye Circle Management Service

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 Dark elbow regions, dark knees and dark ankles, if   cosmetically not acceptable, can be improved by sittings of   non-peeling lasers. Skin whitening, complexion enhancement.  Undereye dark circles under-eye dark circles and  pigmentation management program includes conservative management as well as laser (mild peeling as well as fractional lasers, q-switched nd:yag lasers) sittings. For under-eye hollows, fat grafting offers improvement in hollows and dark color. Many boys and girls opt for skin whitening procedures.

Acne Scar Management Service

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  Acne or pimples scars may be a great cosmetic hindrance,   especially for teenagers and young people. However, 15% of   my acne scar resurfacing done, are in over-35 age group   patients. Laser resurfacing/fractional laser sitting are used as   needed. Fat grafting procedures have come as a great means   to improve the scars by providing volume as well as “stem   cell” effect. Active acne may be managed with help of different lasers and drug treatment regimen. Lasers do a great job in controlling infection.
Platelet Rich Plasma has been opened up still newer possibilities for all these procedures.

Oculoplastic Surgery

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 Aging eyelids, Cosmetic Blepheroplasties, Xanthelasma   Eyelids, Small eyes, Large eyes, Wart, Mole, Molluscum over   eyelids, Peri-orbital aging, Eyebrow surgery,   Eyebrow Lift Ptosis.